Laboratory of Circus Arts

Circus creation with Hugo Bergman (SE)
January 17 and 18, 2020 from 6 pm to 8 pm
Pogon Jedinstvo, Trnjanski nasip bb, Big Hall

In 2020, we begin with a circus creation workshop that will be led by a young but experienced and excellent Hugo Bergman, who arrives from Sweden for an eight-day residency as part of the circusnext platform, as one of the pre-selected artists for the 2020-2021 edition.

Although a top Cyr wheel artist, Hugo decided to hold a two-day circus creation workshop, also the field that he is very experienced at.
If you have performance material that you do not know how to handle or you have a rich circus technique and do not know how to transform it into performance material – this workshop could be the answer to all your questions! Also, if you do not have a specific material or technique, you are just getting started, you are interested in circus art and would love to learn how to work on creation in a contemporary circus – this is the right place for you!

You are welcome to a workshop of games, improvisation and circus creation as part of which we will perform improvisation exercises together and try to leave the personal comfort zone. The material that comes out of improvisation will be used to create short circus performances. Bring your circus props if you like!

Registration fee: 200 kunas
Apply via the form at the following link:
Application deadline: 1/16/2019 or until the places are filled
Please send any additional questions to:
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Laboratory of Circus Arts is Cirkorama’s educational program in the field of contemporary circus art launched in 2009.
The workshop with Hugo Bergman is conducted in cooperation with the Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth- POGON. The program is co-financed by the City of Zagreb’s Office for Culture, Zaklada Kultura nova, circusnext platform and the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

Hugo Bergman
Circus artist and teacher

Hugo Bergman begins his circus journey at a very young age. With a passion for skateboarding, he practices acrobatics at a local gymnastics club. At 17, he discovers capoeira through which he develops a new style of acrobatics with tricks, parkour and acro-dance. He finds a circus along the way, and after trying with handstands and juggling, he discovers a Cyr wheel, to which he fully devotes himself. Through 6 years with the Cyr wheel, he has mastered the most challenging moves and developed many completely new “tricks”.
During and after his studies at DOCH, Stockholm has performed at numerous circus festivals such as the Friscant Circus Festival / Italy, Trapezi / Spain, the Berlin Circus Festival, the Fusion Festival / Germany, Malmöfestivalen / Sweden and collaborates with renowned circus troupes and artists like Robert Magro, Baseline Circus, Company Hint, Cirkör Circus.
In his experience, he has also participated in the Laughing Tour with the organization Clowns Without Borders in 2015 and 2016, as an artist and educator. With the same organization, he goes on an expedition to Greece, where he plays in 5 different refugee camps.
He teaches Cyr wheel at circus centres, academies and schools Codarts / Netherlands, Rogelio Rivel / Spain, Lido / France.
With Mark Glover (educator at Rogelio Rivel School) and James Wellington ( performer health), he starts with “Cyr LAB”

Hugo Bergman is currently considered as one of the best Cyr wheel artists in Europe.

Instagram: ringmarbergman
YouTube: HugoRing

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