Invitation to participate in a virtual collection of artworks entitled “Pending Childhood”

For weeks now, due to the COVID -19 pandemic situation, physical distance measures have closed us into homes. Our children do not go to kindergartens and schools, do not socialize with peers live and many forms of the game are disabled. However, we are sure that they continue to express themselves creatively, alone, with the help of parents or with the encouragement of teachers, regardless of whether their creativity is expressed in the home or through short walks.

Therefore, we invite children, with the help of their parents, to send us photographs of their artwork, housed in an indoor or outdoor space, space which means a lot to them during this quarantine period. It can be a drawing on paper, a drawing on the tarmac of the street you are playing or walking on, the bench you most like to sit on, sculptures made of twigs or stones found on a walk, installation of any kind, fashion creation on a doll, poetry in the form of a message in nature or on the balcony, a message in a bottle… let your imagination run wild!

We ask parents, or the children themselves, to send us high-quality photos (minimum resolution of 300 dpi) by e-mail: no later than April 27, 2020.

We will publish the works in a virtual collection entitled “Pending Childhood”.
In addition to the photographs, please provide us with the name, surname and age of the child, the title of the work or photographs, and a few sentences about the space in which the work was photographed and a message for friends.

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