A call to street and circus artists to participate in the group exhibition “Emotional Coins”

Dear street and circus artists, you are invited to participate in the one-day group exhibition “Emotional Coins” which will be held in Zagreb in December. The exhibition is designed as a collective work of all applicants, without selection. The goal of this exhibit is setting a hefty amount of coins, gathered from private collections of artists who work or have worked as street performers, in a public space.

Artists who perform in the streets, be it a play, concert or some other act, often live from the donations from the public as a reward for the artists’ work, found in their hats which they place in front of them. Sometimes even stray candies, notes, business cards, cigarettes, car wash tokens, various drinks and pendants find their way into the hat- but a common occurrence are coins from other countries, faraway places which the artist may never be able to see – coins which hold no material value. These coins hold only a single value- the emotional one. Taught to never throw away money but to collect it, the artists after years of working in the streets often have a hefty collection of “emotional coins” which they keep in plastic bags, jars or cardboard boxes.

The purpose of the “Emotional Coins” exhibit is to present the absolute material worthlessness of a large amount of money displayed in a single place.

All circus and street artists have the right to display – jugglers, acrobats, fire eaters, dancers, musicians, actors, living statues and all people that have in one way or another tried to cash in on their art on the street stage.

We kindly ask the artists to send their collection of emotional coins packed in a plastic bag, jar or cardboard box. Besides the coins, other things should be listed:

-The first and last name of the artist

-Year of birth

-The name of the art they’re performing and a short history of their performance

-A short text on how the collection started and what it represents


Address: Cirkorama, Teslina 15, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

You can also contact us at cirkorama@gmail.com to arrange a delivery in person.

The emotional coins should reach us by Wednesday, 10th of December 2019 latest.

After exhibition, coins will be returned to their owners.

The program is organized by Cirkorama, and is financed in part by funds of the Kultura nova Foundation, City Culture Office of the city of Zagreb and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

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